Busy as a Bee


Lately there hasn't been much time for fun and frolic.  I find myself increasingly drawn into the fleeting moments that occur between periods of focused work. These clandestine, stolen seconds seem larger than life...they are the sticky stuff that keeps me bound together in form, on this spinning blue planet.  

I am ever so grateful for the design work that I am given; it keeps the creative fires burning within me...it keeps the muse entertained betwixt and between my outbursts of creative experimentation.  

The summer is now upon us...it is hot and full of expansion, sweetness, light, and wildness, too.  It is a new land unto itself.  It inhabits its own time and its own space; we are but enchanted visitors, come to to dance and dream, and make manifest the dazzling spectacle of our highest selves.

I have been happily busy as a bee with work...but tomorrow I get to play...for the entire day.

Oh...and I will share with you the bounty of my time tomorrow, happily lost in the land of summer dreams.

© image & words Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella