Terra Ophelia

Sometimes there are such quiet treasures, so subtle and miniature in nature and stature that we almost pass them by...a fleeting moment in time, the split-second sense that you are connected to absolutely everything, the way the sunlight meets an object in an instant...and then it is gone for eternity. 

"Terra Ophelia" was captured in such a moment.

Once again I touch upon the luscious idea of being completely present in any given moment. I seem to harbor an insistence from within, to witness (and catalog) the sacredness, synchronicity and inherent beauty in these sublime moments of which I speak.  This longing to see the sometimes nearly imperceptible convergence of light, form and spirit is the gift of photographic exploration; it opens the pathway for intimate connection and awareness...it is both natural and supernatural.  It is downright holy.

Studio Petronella Photography.  What's under your skin?

© image & words Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella