In a Whisper

mage: studio petronella

mage: studio petronella

Reflections on a meditation:

In a whisper of wind, the golden desert sands have gently blown the past far and away…it now lays sleeping, as dust, in the land of distant dreams; happily entertaining itself...over and over with an unending circle of sameness.  The clinging has been silently released...into the starry night.

I sweep the last remnants of sand from this threshold, and watch it scatter and then settle...the finest of sparkling dust; as if a soft blanket placed upon a cherished one…for the sleep of eternity.   

As I inhale slowly and deeply, I am drawn completely away from this vision…in an instant…my whole body and psyche are present and standing in the…here and now.

I am the traveler…I have come to become.

Ahh…the exquisite beauty and mystery of the void. In this place of the present, lays everything…and nothing.  It is the great space of being and becoming.  Longing, yearning and the belly of creation dwell within these halls…and I have come to vision and make manifest the fullest expression of my being. There are no answers here, there have been no questions...there is only a deep and visceral sense of absolute knowing. 

Shhhh…it is sacredly quiet here…and now it is loud and roaring like the rush of a wild river in spring.

This is the birthplace of the future.

I stand solidly here…gathering within myself the craving and deep longing to come more fully into being; to create from this void an expression of myself that projects inward, and outward...into the vast and miraculous expanse of the future…the exact nature of my god-self, my true essence…

Instantly, I am rocketed through the vastness of the cosmos, swiftly moving, brushing the edges of planets and stars in a full expression of surrender…finally slowing, and coming to a gentle rest.

I am effortlessly floating in the dark luxuriousness of space…seemingly forever…breathing in the shimmering, golden stardust that is permeated with celestial wisdom and vitality.  I am alone...and I am with absolutely everyone.  I am connected to absolutely everything…every creature with wing, fur, scale, fin or shell…all of the elements of the universe…I am tiny and miniscule...I am gigantic and immense...

I am glowing with light. My white dress is alive and flowing down my body, and as I look closer, I see that it is made from the glistening snowflakes that are falling in this darkness of space.  My dress is growing longer and more flowing with snow, until it is blanketing the earth below me with its gentle, shimmering drapery.  I can feel that I am one with the earth…my body is swaying to a rhythm that comes from deep within me.  My arms outstretched now…opening to the pull of the heavens, my head tossed back…I am balanced with perfection between heaven and earth…simultaneously a part and the entire whole…at peace…energized… full of life.

Here lies my grace, here lies my power…here is the love, the beauty and the raw freedom, always within me…I am in the full of my essence, it is spilling over and out, and deep within...

Then gently, there is a soft, quiet, just-perceptible whisper in my ear…

And I am sweetly drawn back into my earthly body.

I am the creator of my universe...

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella