I Am

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A sister just asked, "Who are you? Where are you? Where is the river taking you?

I am ancient stardust
I am the breath of Cleopatra just before a kiss
I am the quivering at the very beginning of time 
I am the brilliant vision dancing in the heart of Hildegard Von Bingen
I am the chant before it touches the mouth
I am the tender embrace at the bottom of the well of grief
I am the hot lava in the belly of the earth 
I am the darkness of deep space
I am the icy snowcap atop the highest mountain
I am the solar flares sending messages in code
I am the open space of not knowing
I am the soft and gentle springtime lamb
I am the yearning for wholeness in Frida’s womb
I am the lone lit candle in an empty cathedral
I am the one eternal sound
I am the holy chalice
Both empty and full

I am here, now

And this river is taking me home

Image and words © 2013 Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: maddie