Holy Alive

holy alive  © 2013 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved no reproduction lr ©.jpg

I do not wish to hitch my wagon to a sideshow whose flame dims when the crowds go home

I know the inherent holiness of my vessel, and only sacred distractions will do;

Perhaps the trajectory of the stars in the wide and naked sky

The glint in the eye of the small brown bird resting gently on the forest floor

The scent of the bark unfurling from the leaning white birch

The rootedness of the big buck’s shoulders in his body

The release of regrets held by a mother, from the base of her spine

It's all Holy

I will drop to my knees to the bareness of vulnerability

To the tenderness that underlies all true strength

To the inner temple that embraces all

To words that come from a heart that has been torn wide open and still invites me in for tea and company

I will drink deeply of this cup that makes its home in the lap of surrender and grace

How sweet and sometimes invitingly bitter is the taste of being

Holy Alive

words and image © 2013  Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: rozlynne