Ocean Fire

%22aquamarine stillness%22 © 2013 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved 500 pxh.jpg

I am swimming
In the silent ocean of here

Gliding on her reflective surface
My pale legs dangling in her wise, fathomless depths

I could drink this whole sea dry
Drunken with longing fulfilled  
I could sing a deafening song
To wake the dreamy sirens from their deep blue slumber

Overflowing with devotion,
I acquiesce...
Into her watery arms

Deep and wide I dive
Into the darkness below

I have no fear of drowning

Now is her fiery sister;
She dances in the flames
Her skirts a wild frenzy of blazing alchemy
Feral-haired head thrown back;
She adores brushing her searing edges up against me

Daring me

Coaxing me

Come closer

And I do...

I have no fear of burning

Each holds the mirror to see her other
Reflections fall from the stars;
Strands of lightning insects
To be eaten by the earth
Inside me

The startled blackbirds take flight
And the wild wolf sends out a low, haunting howl

New moon rising

Who was it, swept through,
In the dark of night; ‘turned this temple

Oh, it was me;
A foot on each side of the ocean
A gentle eye resting on eternity
And a hand on the heart of each sister  

© image & words Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: rozlynne