Wild Heart

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soft downy feathers
eyes clear and bright

like the river's edge
sparkling in the sunlight

primordial beat
coming to rest on
the taut hide
of the drum

you are
the wild bird
that is my heart

I do not seek
to tame you,
nor enclose you
in a gilded cage
of impotent belief 

I will sing to you
the sweeet song of
my longing

I will offer myself as a
conscious temple in which to
welcome your holiness

I will listen
to your ancient voices,
your indigenous tongues 

each word and utterance,
an invocation
an incantation; 

hanging like soft spanish moss
in the garden of
my soul

I will feed you;
seeds of
surrender and trust

and I will bow,
as you devour the offerings
of my fear and doubt,
as nourishment
for your one

may your wings know
no boundaries,

and may you always
know me
as home

© image & words Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: gretchen