Eternal Spring

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there is an eternal spring
that lives inside me

I inhale its fragrant aromas

I bow

to this inner season;
that spirals outward,
like woodland faeries 
dancing under a
forest canopy

to this heart; 
that opens wide its doors
and breathes forgiveness,
even as it mends its tears

I celebrate its eternal yearning

to this river;
that brings me home
again and again,
welcoming me 
as its own beloved 

to this earth;
that offers herself,
her heartbeat,
if only I lay myself down
to listen

to this well;
that endlessly offers
me a drink from 
the cup of life;
that it may overflow
in service

oh, this
living, breathing 
I embrace you

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: maddie