One True Song

"spanda" © 2014 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

her fire is
sweet and hot
and indiscriminating

I will always go 
down for the burn
a thousand times 

this fiery portal 
to the heart of Saraswati

how quickly she flared 
with the breath of my offerings;
my body so porous
with invitation to her blazing inferno

my breath feeding the flame
the fire hissing 
with the falling tears
of each letting go

and out of the fire
something spoke:

I make no apology
I do not need to be 
anything other than
I am

I am not all things to all people
I am this one true song 
sung inside 
the great mother song
and this is enough

nothing need change 
shhhh… she whispers…
just step closer

the truth of my soul is

quiet pulsating beauty;

the delicate sound of inwardness expanding

the vibration of the buzzing bee;
the humming life 
in the thick pollen
sticky on his legs

the diminutive galaxies that dwell inside
the iridescent powder on the 
butterfly’s fragile wing

the trembling aliveness of the space that shifts
in the distance between the horses legs 
as it runs at full gallop

the silent sipping of underground water
by the tiniest of roots laying deep in the earth

the vision before the eyes open 

the burden lifted off the shoulders of a soul 
who sits in the grace of forgiveness

the pinpoint of wild ferociousness in the jaw of the grizzly 
as it defends its stolen habitat

the breath of struggle easing into fluidity

the weeping of the earth as she is unconsciously tread upon

the miniscule sliver of light that waits patiently
on the edge of letting go

the one cosmic language spilling forth from 
the screaming fountain of life
pure spanda

and this too shall burn

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: rozlynne