The River

"the river" © 2014 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

ever since I
set a place
the orphan
the wild child
the nymph
and the shining princess
at my table,

the way has widened

they feast 
on the bountiful buffet
of holy acceptance

so content are they
by this nourishment,
sometimes they play all day;
forgetting to come home
for dinner

and now
there comes
this flow;

this simple grace
of ease…

she takes me quietly
down the river

her long silky song 
moves inside me;
sacred shakti snake

her blood travels
like shimmering gold
in my veins

her heart is my compass
I need no map
to arrive in this
honey hive

I float effortlessly

the riverbanks are lined
with those that have come 

mother with milky breasts bursting;
her white peacock sipping 
the fresh nectar
as it spills forth

radiant girl children shower me 
with tender blossoms,
petals fall upon 
my preternatural skin
as I drift

I can hear the 
breathing of the
river’s edge,

her creatures
with their low earthy hum

my hair a crown of light around me,
undulating in the river of her

now she calls me 

can this be;
that I am this at home 
inside every blessed breath?

and all the stars in the heavens shine down
to speak, 
to say; 
I am theirs, 

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella  
model: ofelia