The Knowing

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the knowing
that sits quietly inside

the soft cavern of the womb;
flickering torches
glowing walls
ancient gold patina
crushed ochre
scent of myrrh

rich dark crimson rivers
again and again
to the source,

until the season when
the ear leans ever more inward;
as the dry and seasoned riverbed
yields her deepest mystery

truth be told;
has a lie
ever been spoken
in this holy sanctuary,
this sacred bindu

entry demands
fierce innocence
heartbreaking honesty
eyes wide shut
soft warrior heart

oh, the majesty
of discovering
this indigenous land,
this cosmic bellow;
breathing us
in and out

we rest so softly
in her hands;
in between
being and becoming;

this glorious

this undiscovered peace
within the silken holiness

swept up,
by the stunning clarity
in the heavy mists…

opaque to sheer
light into darkness
darkness to light

beautiful star child
who fell to earth;

her story
turning to dust
behind her

her honest and tender journey
through the deep dark forests,
into the great heart of the universe
that lives inside her…

now she inhabits
the inside of the inside,

and the threads of her womb
are now married to her
sacred beating heart
that lays nested
behind the fragile lacework
of her own living breast bone

and now
no blindfold
no muzzle
no flame
no sword of separation
can undo
this union…

she is now home
here, in this

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella  
model: gretchen