Notes from a Selkie Diary

I am but a visitor…

I have hidden my skin;
Deep in the hollow of
The great and mighty oak

I am

My time with tender feet
Upon the earth
Is fleeting

How might I
Drink in
The wonders
The scents
The textures
In this land of
Ordinary magic?

Love has brought me here
And will not let me go

I have

Tasted every flavor
Upon my tongue,
Inhaled every botanical perfume,
Seen every painted sunset,
Felt my heart open
Like a flaming blossom...

Tender deer sipping water from the lake
Owl hoo-hooing on the steady branch of the tall pine
Green moss, soft under my bare feet
Pale moonlight wrapping me in a gentle glow...

One day I will don my skin
Once more,

And I will sink into the
Shimmering blue depths
Of the ocean

But for now…

I am here,
On dry land
Kissing you

words & image © Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: gretchen