A Love Letter from Shiva

letter from shiva © 2014 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

My beloved
I would know you anywhere

In the mighty rainfall
pounding the earth 
like a steady mother drum

In the flash of lightning 
that comes before 
the crackle

In the silent underground stream
as it flows 

In the sure foot of
the seasoned mountain goat 
high atop the craggy cliff 

In the hushed green forest 
where the tall fern grows

In the powder blue
of the diminutive 

In the belly of the dancer
in the bliss of undulation

In the river 
of living nectar
that is a mother’s milk

In the stars that fall 
softly down 
from the heavens of your crown 
to fill my eyes 
with wonder

I would know you anywhere

words & image Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella
model: jane