I light a Candle


I see you 
with your hearts 
blazing like diamonds;

I see you
here, in my nakedness...

my sorrow
my grief
in my shedding
my emptiness
my longing
my surrender
my aliveness
my wholeness
my resurrection
my ecstasy
my radiance

in my belonging
and not belonging

my darkness 
and my light;

sacred mirrors,
what is,
and what is not;
a river of perpetual 

I relinquish my crown
again and again

only to find a new one 
has risen from the earth,
to find its home
upon her head

we are stars 
in the crown 
of her infinite heart

I light a candle for us all,
may we burn long, strong and bright

words & image ©  Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella  
model: gretchen