incantation © 2105 heather rhodes studio patronal all rights reserved.jpg

incantation for un-homogenized words:

let your winds
howl through
my frozen corridors

build your bonfire
from the debris of
my surrender

unfold me,
like an ancient
altar cloth,
dripping with devotion…

lay me down
in your mossy forest,
permeate me with
your rooty scent

gather the wildness
of my wandering,
as cupfuls of holy water
to your thirsty mouth

do not turn away
from this moment

no one is keeping

to the living halo
of honey-bees
singing the gayatri,

'round my head
inside my body;

making nectar
from this splendiferous
sound blossom…

as enoughness
sheds its skin,
glowing bones
fall to the
welcoming earth

the sanctuary of my heart
bursting open in
a symphony of light

and the stars
weep diamonds

sacred thread words & image ©  Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella 
model: ofelia