Alchemy of Feeling

surrender into the seaweed 1 © 2015 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

this wondering...
that in and of itself
is answer enough...

that when I weep,
such alchemy befriends
my anguish

as my tears  
make the journey of fully-felt,
offering themselves
as holy amrita

might they then...

gallop away
like wild horses,
to a windswept beach
on the far side of the world;
shouting out their
new-name as Freedom
to the honest waves that listen?

be poured,
as liquid light
into the translucent beating wings
of the damselfly
that graces my garden?

as fire
in the belly of
the woman standing
in her power for the very first time? 

the sparrow taste them
upon her tongue,
as she drinks from the puddle
that mirrors the soft summer sky?

the great elk know it was
once a-heartache-of-mine,
as he breathes it as cool air
into his mighty lungs   
standing in the moonlit forest? 

my heart be this present
within this luxury of softness,
that is left
in sorrow’s wake, 
as it relinquishes its old form
to new?

is there
a lucky watcher
who remains forever spellbound
by the exquisite beauty of this
great and unending
circle of gifting;

sorrow into blooming
tenderness into strength

grasping to release

overflow to emptiness,
silence into song

falling in earnest to rest,
rising into our wings?

can we love the falling
and the place we land
as much as the height
to which we inevitably rise?

of the


that lets us kiss the sky
with newfound fleshy zest...

waking from
this dream of polarity,
I realize
in pink-petaled softness;

I don’t think I have
ever really seen your face...

and this
feels like
a great peace
inside me

words & image ©  Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: jane