Sisters of the Land and Sea

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last night in dreamtime
we flew…

as sisters, mothers, daughters,
some with babes upon our backs;

close to the ground,
our breasts and bellies grazing
the crust of the earth;

over the windswept Himalayas’
sacred mountainous terrain,

with the ears of our hearts to the ground, listening…

with our wombs soft and receptive, remembering…

our bodies glowing
with extra terrestrial luminescence; 
undulating body-lanterns of
living light-activated prayer

now, this holy eidola comes to rest
in the ancient earthen caverns
where the riotous calm of the bindu
reveals herself to be
in perfect form

to the heartbeat of our origin,
we sweep down
from the high altitudes
of terra firma;

to the
vast and still
velvet-midnight sea,

in erotic silence, 
where slack and tension kiss…

where found dwells in lost's acceptance...

our feet are electric;
this exquisite song of the ocean…

and as our hearts expand,
the whales begin to rise,
one by one,
out of the placid liquid;

slow and lumbering,
soft and graceful,

gloriously singing,
one sacred tone 

rising up
to fall back,  
under the yielding reflective surface;

their motion, a potion
for cosmic healing,
rendering the mundane holy…

my radiance
near-overwhelming as I stir,
in this numinous
dream residue... 

warm, honey light of waking,

yearning to pour it as balm
upon the weariness of the world

sacred thread words & image 2015 ©  Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella 
model: maddie