Inside the Inside

inside the inside © 2015 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

more honey from dreamtime...

I give myself
like a jewel,
to the soft and tender light,
to the deep and generous night;

breathing inside the inside;
the velvet luxuriousness
of the offering…

all of the portals are
all yielding;
like honeyed toast

upon the tongue
of a hungry child

wild trees of wisdom grow
from earthen mounds
of innocence

a nectar serenade;
photo synthesis sings
its mesmerizing song
to the green tendrils
that curl about my feet

in this verdant forest,
I partake:
a large portion of
humble pie…

and in my hand,

the keys disintegrate…
as particles of falling dust, 
gently coming to rest upon
the temple floor

and now my thousand eyes are


granulated matrix
rearranging itself…

now I see…

the vibrant, undulating
living map
of the mystery;
the great and sacred plan;

pulsating, throbbing;
without beginning,
without end;

clear as
the bell that
calls me here...

no matter where it might be,
or that it be the dead of night;
every sister is awakening,
her heart attuning…

falling to my knees,
my only prayer:

to stay awake;
that I might serve

words & image ©  Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: rozlynne