Holy Blood

holy blood 1 © 2015 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

if I could bleed
this illumination,
and pour it
out of my body
as thick red wine;

I would collect it
in a golden cup
and offer it as a gift;

to let you know
how much
you move me,
you shake me,

how you wander inside me,
even when I have
closed off my borders

I want to dip a
long silk ribbon
in this holy grail;

drag it over the length
of you;

sticky crimson honey...

whispering incantations,
poems of devotion
Into your velvet ear,

marking you,
discovering you...

no one is here to stop us;

and my heart is
and overflowing

sacred thread words & image ©  Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: ofelia