Tree Medicine

wed to nature © 2015 heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.jpg

these thoughtful words
are strung together
one by one

in hopes
of offering homage to
the verdant
shakti queen
whose fragrance still lingers…

how she came to me
as a towering maple cathedral,
canopying my bedroom window
during the hot months of summer,

revealing her bare bones of
wisdom through the stark
and snowy winters…  

a reflection,
a remembrance
of my wholeness
in her rustling leaves…


my shimmering
body of starlight
as I lay sleeping
in the cocoon of my bed…

lending me

her compassionate ear,
her deep and steady roots
to call my own,  

as I moved through
the days and years
of becoming…

one stormy winter night,
scorched by a blazing fire
she offered herself up;
like a prayer bundle,
into the frigid midnight sky

pouring herself,
as life-giving sap,

into the heavens…
into the earth…
into me…

blessed tree
that dwells within me,

that I might be a canopy,
a compassionate ear,
steadfast roots,
a rustling of remembrance
when a fellow traveler has forgotten
their own indigenous beauty

I bow,
forever grateful

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: jane