Delicate Bird

delicate bird © 2015 heather rhodes studio petronella l ll rights reserved.jpg

delicate bird,

to the earth...

you land in the cushion
of my open heart,

widening me…

your beauty is

your stillness invites me
to pause,

to examine the exquisite details
of your architecture

the softness of
your well-worn feathers

the echo of life
still held in your
dark and shining eyes

your bird heart,
so full and feral,

how swiftly
you relinquished your body,
it is I that linger here

I wonder where
your wings
have taken you...

here, today
as you lay
in death’s hands

such a gift
you give to me;

that as life releases you,
I have come to hold you
in my open palm

such sadness
and sweetness,
this illusory point
here and there;

that sits like
a potion of strange wonder
inside me…

as I lay your soft body down
beneath the nest
of wild honeysuckle,

the tall grasses swaying
in the late afternoon light;

I return to you
your gift of song;

sweetly singing to you
as the breeze moves through
the canopy of branches overhead,
the sun kissing my shoulders;

held for these moments
in this melancholy beauty;
this dance
of living
and dying

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
models: ofelia, body of the delicate bird that fatally flew into my window yesterday