Pale Rider

these days
the burning
is more quiet

no need
to cut me open this time,
to flay me
limb from limb;

writhing in agony
as my old skin is stripped
and tossed upon the pyre… 

I do not need a badge of suffering
to relinquish what must fall away, 

to lay claim to sacred communion with her,

to gaze upon the face of the beloved,

to perpetually lay fresh rushes down
in the sacred inner marriage chamber…

now I can see in the darkness;

I see the excruciating tenderness in her eyes
the love of a mother like no other...

and I am here to say
that I know the pale rider named softness,
who rides the horse of liberation
that is bridled with grace…

my heart is a glowing golden cage;
with its doors flung wide open,
and a fountain of red holy water gushing...

the agony sits inside the struggle,
(as the closed latch on the door)
just before the surrender…

I go quietly to her feet now…

and I
already know
I am Hers.

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: katharine
[day 3 kali sadhana]