Water Dreams

[ dreams are medicine ]

in the watery
rooms of my mansion…

sharks roam
with their soft white bellies
in the dark blue liquid
below my feet,

brushing up against
my unclothed skin;

pale and tender underneath,
keen and sharp
and ravenous above,

with no perceptible boundary
between their
landscape of opposites…

cool, lapping waves
wash over my legs,

enormous floating blocks of ice
melt without resistance
in the fluid depths…

looking downward,
I notice my flesh
has been eaten;
although I haven't felt a bite...

and now

in the great hall,
a dinner party
has been planned

she has set the table…

arrogance & unworthiness
have been
Invited to feast…

take their seats
at opposite ends
of the table,
wearing dark
velvet blindfolds…

from their seats,
they must partake of their dinner
sans utensils;


from the one bowl
that sits in the middle:

pale, luminescent blue,
made of ground crystalline Shiva,

holy receptacle,
vast field of presence…

as they lean in,
commencing to dine on
the object of their hunger,

they begin to take on the qualities
of the bowl’s contents…

they become less and less opaque…

more and more translucent…

a voluminous, radiant chandelier
descends from the heavens
to rest in invisible suspension…

everything is still present,
although the infusion has shifted
the reality of the forms…

my heart is

these are the happenings
in the deep of night,
in the rooms of the mansion
of my soul

as I

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at  Studio Petronella
model: maddie
dreamt during kali sadhana with  Awakening Women Institute