Heaven & Earth : the dialogues

ofelia heaven and earth © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.jpg

[reflections under the gaze of eris]

it was sometime after she learned
the fine art of coming fully into her body,
that she was able to behold the constellations
in their full magnificence…

so thrilled was she by this breathtaking spectacle,
she stayed awake for seven days and seven nights
under the radiant sky;
until sleep finally claimed her… 

upon waking
from her dream-replete slumber,
she was privy to clandestine conversations;
whispered murmurings, spoken cosmic love letters
between heaven
and earth…

heretofore comfortable trappings and accouterment
fell as pale dust to the ground...

she remembered...
the celestial matrix scattering the seeds of stardust;
like sparkling, silver dandelion pods;
to grow wild in the earthy gardens below…

swaying with the sublime orchestral movement
of the translucent corridors of spanda;

she softly spoke the questions that still lay deep in her heart to the stars in the midnight sky,

she sang them into the cracks in the red clay earth that lay beneath her feet...

and she welcomed the responses that came;
that wove themselves like sunlight in a mare’s windswept mane,
deep into her bones that loved the earth so exceedingly;

inhaling and exhaling
the alchemical gold
of communion...

words & image © Heather Rhodes  at  Studio Petronella
model: ofelia