Inviting Peace


[ an invitation to the inner peacemaker ]

I invite you
to wander through my peaks and valleys…

I beg you;
let loose your all-seeing eyes
upon the terrain of my soul…

seek out
the hidden places
that silently entertain war
inside me;

the fortified bunkers,
abandoned battlegrounds,
unconscious boundaries;

bloody bandages,
festering wounds
that pass from man to boy-child,
mother to daughter,

the long, aching ribbon,
the wail of mother's grief...

these holy, secret places
that yearn for the touch
of a warm hand,
a kind heart...

let us take them all out
into this day that sits before us
in its bodacious aliveness,

let us lay them upon the long wooden table
of compassion,
and make a feast of our honesty;

revealing the pulse of indigenous connection;
self as other, other as self;

that we might come to hold
these outcast pieces in our embrace,
like seashells collected from a softer time;
in the wisdom-light of our heart's gaze...

perhaps they will writhe and twist and turn,
perhaps they will fall to the floor in utter relief;
released, at last, from their burden of hiding

perhaps, inevitably, 
they will kiss us on our tender mouths
with ecstatic gratitude
for our willingness to

sitting in the quiet wonder of transmutation,
golden honey dripping from the spaces from which they came...

we are all here together, and my love for you is relentless

may we know peace

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes  at  Studio Petronella
model: emily