Homage to the House on the Hill

perkins farm © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

For many years now, I have driven past the uninhabited Perkins farmhouse just up the street from my own house... My heart aches each time I pass, as I witness the lonely, once-magnificent structure slowly crumbling into the arms of the earth. This image is my way of honoring its place in time, giving it wings of comfort and wings to fly, and a prayer of appreciation: "alis volat propriis" (with her own wings she flies)... Her beauty endures, even in her decay; her blessed disintegrating structure still witnessing the splendid sunsets and the rising moon on the top of the hill...

[homage to the house on the hill]

houses are the
beautiful bones

that shelter
our burning hearts,
our stealthy fears,
our wildest dreams
and deepest longings...

bear silent witness
to the tapestry
of generations;

woven within,
and grown outward…

and friends;

birthing, living, dying;
union and separation,

beginnings, endings; 
wavering and resolute,

conflict, connection,
celebration and grief;

houses as holy cocoons;
that take no sides;

our loyal secret keepers;

offering refuge,
a springboard,
an eternal retreat
when we feel broken…

and some days
the houses glow
with a fire of love so bright,
that we become blind
to our differences,

and our laughter
could shake
the whole world awake…

words & image © Heather Rhodes
homage to the perkins farmhouse
model: rozlynne