Circle of Breath

circle of breath;

discovering me
at the intersection
of arriving and departing;

like the silent milliseconds
that live in between the snap-snap-snap
of the playing cards, 
clothespinned to
the spokes of my bicycle wheels…

hot summer day,
hair blowing in the breeze…


no thought
no mantra


falling into
the soft nest of my body;

even when the
somatic housekeeper
has been waylaid,

even in the middle
of a flaming mess;

(maybe more so,
because of it)

you are always my home;

in you I find
the fullness of the cosmos,

the diminutive ray of light
that trespasses the landscape
of my darkened eye;

coaxing me;

to fully inhabit

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes  at  Studio Petronella
model: emily