Reignite the Flame

emily beavertail rocks 10 v2  © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.jpg

I answer to

the wave as it kisses the shoreline,
the keen twitch of the mountain hare’s ear,
the moon's innate audacity to expose herself in all phases,
the rumble of thunder rolling over the austere, grey tundra...

I am
to the fecund earth beneath my feet

to the primordial longing in every beating heart

to the pendulous stars in the dark velvet sky

to the belly of creation...

I pledge allegiance to

that which
summoned the whisper in Hildegard’s ear,
galvanized the courage in Jeanne d’Arc’s chest,
stitched the moxie into Frida’s shattered spine,
permeates my being with ceaseless elemental wonder...

I will not stifle.
I will not shrink.

I will reignite,
again and again
the flame of my heart;

remaining soft,
and ever fluid....

sacred thread words & image © heather rhodes
model: emily