Gaia's Daughter

emily beavertail sheer 1 © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved

ma gaia…

here I stand,
upon your generous,
relentless beauty…

your soft, thick grass
beneath my feet,

your crisp, autumn air filling
my lungs,

your rich scents
permeating my being;

I sense your vastness, 
and achingly, 
your finiteness…

I bow to you;

death doula…

may I learn 

from your intelligence
of simplicity,

creative collaboration
of usefulness toward evolution,

the practice of
unqualified reverence…

may my attention be drawn
naturally more toward you;

that my daily actions and rituals
emerge from an attitude
of this heartfelt consideration…

resting in deep gratitude today
for the bounty you lay before us;

may we all rise to
know you and treat you
as the beloved home you are…

[gaia's daughter]
thanksgiving day 2017
sacred thread word prayer © Heather Rhodes
model: emily