Let the Stars Kiss You

slip out
of your skin,

let the stars
kiss you…

run through the forest;
a wild, hot mess
of burning aliveness…

lay down on the altar
of the mystery;
yield to
the great unfolding…

you are

the flower girl,
scattering the

their omnipotent fragrance
permeating the marrow
of your lovely bones...

you are

the bride,
taking a vow
to your self;

to listen
to the great cosmic whisper
that lands
in the sanctuary
of your heart;

shifting shape
and form,
through its own
being and becoming…

you are

the groom inside yourself,
the banks of the
river shakti,

the strong roots
that welcome the sway
of your untamed branches…

you are

the children
in myriad form
spilling forth
from this union;

their only purpose
to sing life’s song…

you are

the chapel
of the body
in which the miracle
is manifest...

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes
at studiopetronella.com
model: jane