Answering the Call

ofelia marry the mystery © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

never underestimate 
the impact of your presence
on this holy ride;

seen or unseen:

the sheer beauty of
how the call lands in you…

every word
every gesture
every drop
every ripple;

each necessary ingredient,
as we collectively
make the medicine…

some will roar
some will pray

some will dance
some will drum

some will have quiet revelations
some will awaken with a thunder in their throats…

beauty makers
soul shakers

humble healers
grateful weavers

bone rattlers
honey drippers

everyday poets
deep divers

shape shifters
fire tenders

way showers
seed sowers

risk takers
thirst quenchers

trail blazers
spunky shamans

grief walkers
wisdom squawkers

joy revelers
midnight oilers

death doulas
patient midwives

fearless mothers
courageous daughters


quantum leapers
diamonds in the rough

mistake makers
late bloomers

snake charmers
letter writers

generous forgivers
bridge builders

earth guardians
justice seekers

myth weavers
living altars

flame igniters
ground holders

edge dwellers
lantern carriers

paradigm shifters
conscious drifters

rebel gardeners
quiet nurturers

earth guardians
wound alchemists

darkness dancers
potion makers

sacred lovers

slow movers
earnest wonderers

hand holders
ridge soarers

reverent scientists
cosmic travelers

community creators
circle tenders

veil lifters
heart openers

truth whisperers
brave listeners

dream walkers
vision keepers

mountain movers
silent pray-ers

all in all;
in service 
to the whole;

in unison,
to the river of


the arc of evolution...

fluidly focused;

shaking the ground of

we are blazing a new trail;

the map reveals itself 
in a wake of golden dust
from every step we take;

inside the paradox 
of commitment and surrender...

we are learning to listen
to this ache of wisdom  
in our bones;

to respond in kind;

each in our own way;

a global herd of women, 
committed to the wild, messy mystery
of life unfolding…

I take my seat in the circle;

I am a fire tender
at the center of the bindu…

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes
at studio petronella
model: ofelia