Keep Your Eyes on Me


so deep
in the quiet;
where words are elusive…

the doorway is itself soft,
and excludes nothing.

with eyes wide open,
I purposefully kiss
paradox on its holy mouth;

willing to see it all
to feel it all...

layer upon layer
veil upon veil
come to rest at my feet
as numinous dust;

the glowing, sacred fruit 
in the bindu…

I stand naked before you,
clothed in naught but my devotion;

nothing is missing 
everything belongs… 

in surrendering to see
everything exactly as it is;

I see only you.

such patience and tenderness
as you witness my stumbling,

honeyed nectar flows
in the wake of each footstep closer;

one taste of you
enlivens my blood 
like a river of remembrance;

and now I can see in the dark;
your eternal flame
burning in the chamber of my heart,
lighting the way;

"keep your eyes on me"...

mary magdalene sadhana day 7
sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at studio petronella
model: annika