Never Ending Thread

heather hands altar to mother and father november 2018 living goddess sadhana © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

holding the ground
of my golden thread
in the great weaving;

staying true to 
how it all lands in me…

tender bones,
soft flesh,
feet upon the earth,

breath of stardust
illuminating the inner map
of my origins…

how is it,
that I always come home
to you…?

blessed darkness
blessed light;

radiant sun
glowing moon;

the alchemy
of heaven and earth…

the aching ecstasy
of relaxing into

what has been
what is
what will be;
as this vibrant moment in time;

fully embracing
the intimacy
of the revelation at hand;

this never-ending thread;
the one line
formed by the many...

I make no apologies;

my home is in the stars, 
yet, I am inextricably intertwined 
with the story of earth;

I walk between worlds,
fully grounded in my
celestial lineage… 

and tonight, as I stand 
upon this vast, living tundra,

my arms 
and heart
open to the exquisite mystery;

the winds of eternity
lift the soft skirts of my dress;

revealing the sacred skin
of my beloved humanness…

sacred thread words & image © heather rhodes
living goddess sadhana, day 9
image: self portrait: my hands, my mother & father, the light from which I came