The Necessity of Grief

the necessity of grief © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

take your time
in the crucible
of grief...

yield fully
to its holy mystery;

its fire,
its ice,
its unrelenting honesty,

its gifts, ten thousand fold...

trust the cadence,
the nuance,
the bitter sweetness;

invite its solemn ache
to inhabit requisite space
in the mansion of your soul;

walk hand-in-hand in the garden
with this deeply gentle guide,
sans expectation of parting;

into the somber fields;
the hallowed grounds
of loss
and grace
and longing;

where the bones of what once was
come to rest;

in the indigenous divinity of a heart
cracked wide open...

in this communion
you are not alone;

offer yourself
to this territory
of surrender;

where anguish reigns,
and sorrow wears a crown;

where you lay yourself naked
upon the altar of despair;

penning amaranthine love letters
with benevolent ink;
addressed to cosmic caretakers;

piercing the veil of sadness;

coming to rest
in the tender beauty
at the center of the labyrinth;

where harshness pales,
giving way to a new depth of softness...

I promise you,
there is a fountain of love
inside it all...

the necessity of grief…

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