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come closer…

my intrinsic beauty can be elusive
to the preconditioned eye,

my worth invisible; 
to a prepossessed culture
drunk on youth and gadgetry…

I stand in quiet sovereignty;
my feet grounded in both worlds;
undistracted from this present moment…

my silver mane;
a crown of authenticity,

I wear my years
like spun platinum;

weaving rich, glistening threads
and seasoned equanimity;

my compass is internal,
my relationship with truth

my eternal compass
is internal;
I need not reference outside myself;

I am defined by
the holiness
that permeates the all in all;

I am inextricably connected
to the web of living and dying...

my vision is keen;
I see what is before me,
what is beneath
and beyond;

I behold
the architecture
of the universe...

I have learned the language
of the moon and stars;

the rivers and oceans
are my blood,

the mountains and canyons
my flesh,
my bones;

I am
what was
what is
what will be;

the seed
the blossom
and the withering husk;

I am a perpetual invitation
to the great unfolding
in its raw and untamed form…

I have been forged
in life's holy crucible,

my hips have entertained
& queens,
woodland birdsong,
and waves that kiss the shoreline,

my womb
has gestated and birthed
new souls
and galaxies of wonder,

my breasts have suckled
men who wished the war to leave them
and fledgling visions;

I bow
to the intelligence
of all seasons;

I find home
inside the heart of paradox...

honoring the sacrosanct value
of my own transcendent story;

I have delighted
in it all...

I am elderwoman.

come closer;
I have many tales to tell… 

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes
model: C.J.
elderwomen series