A note to My Sister

heather prayer hands holly © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

my sweet sister...

there can be no words
to describe your place
in my heart;

such an inexplicable, indelible treasure...

let us remember the rushing brooks,
the sun dancing on the weeping willow,
the cold winter air permeating the horses' manes at gallop,
the katydids serenading us in the hot summer evenings,
the lightning bugs in glass jars,
the red poppies swaying in the garden breeze,
the fragrant scent of saddle soap and fresh-cut hay,
the sublime tenderness at the center of the impasse;

let this be the beauty that dwells in your heart,
let this be the elixir that permeates your cells,
let this be the medicine that heals...

a note to my sister, february 1, 2019
image: self, hands in prayer
sacred thread words & image: © heather rhodes & studio petronella