The Tender Void

makenzy lights the womb of what is becoming © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

let the space of the in-between
have its way with you…

surrender to the holiness
of the undefined;

the liminal portal
of cosmic intelligence…

place a flower 
on the altar 
of the womb 
of what is now becoming…

the more we relinquish the reins,
yielding to 
the tender void;
the honey of the pause;

the more clearly 
we will hear the call
to resume riding 
the wild horse of action
when the time is ripe…

such a practice; 
attuning to the primordial cycles:

ebb and flow,
stillness and movement,
praying and dancing, 
gestation and birth;

the rhythm of spanda...

honoring the space 
of not-knowing,

an ear to the ground, 
listening to the whispers 
in the numinous quiet...

let’s get deliciously lost
in this slack tide;

trusting that we 
ride on the breath
inside the very heart 
of the universe… 

sacred thread words & image © Heather Rhodes at studio petronella
all rights reserved
model: makenzy