Refuge in Dhumavati

ofelia maya sadhana dhumavatii © heather rhodes studio petronella all rights reserved.png

in the chamber of my heart
with Dhumavati... 

sans resistance;

a long river;
a plethora of offerings
from the marrow of my bones…

her eyes are the gateway 
to her benevolent heart;

and mine meet hers,
and hold her gaze
without hesitation,
without regret...

gentle tears.

no words.

beloved dark mother.

she drinks in each relinquishment,
every dark orphan;

so completely,
so lovingly;
like babes to her breast...

the fire behind her
blazes higher
with her every reception...

holy space.

I remember her.
as me.
as us.

something breaks 
wide open
inside me;

like I’ve never seen 
the nighttime sky,

or the depth 
of the forest,

or the purpose
in the weaving 
of our strands...

so quiet.

such deep peace.

such sublime comfort.

staying here
in her loving embrace;

in this dark beauty
where everything

written during may sadhana
sacred thread words & image © heather rhodes at studio petronella
model: ofelia at diana's pool