Aspects in Practice

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Exploring and giving voice to a few of the aspects of the divine feminine that have been very active in my field of practice:

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I am the Feminine Portal of Cosmic Listening

I am loyal to that from which all form flows. I am the sound emanating from the cradle of life, the song of the original blueprint; reminding you of your place in the cosmic plan, aligning you with your dharmic thread.  

I am a relentless whisperer of truth in your ear.

I am the eternal nudge toward your own heart’s longing.

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I am the Feminine Portal of Ephemerality & Fluidity 

I am the mystery of life and death and the rushing, nuance-layered waters of the river in between.

I am the beauty of the changing forms; the alchemy of the formless into form and back into formlessness.  

I am the matrix of transition, the doula at the portals of the alpha & the omega.

I baptize you in the holy waters of transiency.

I am both the sting and the comfort of impermanence.

In me you are home; wherever you find yourself on the arc of creation.

I am relentless in my appeal for your humble heart and deep surrender…

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I am the Feminine Portal of Sorrow & Loss

I am the tender yearning and fortitude to enter the palace of grief, to navigate the depths of its chambers, and the willingness to wear the cloak of loss.

I am the courage to dive deep for the key that sits in the heart of sorrow; the key that sets the bird of your heart free to soar once again…

I insist on becoming your beloved companion.

I am permission to take your time on this holy ground in this fertile darkness.

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I am the Feminine Portal of Discernment & Synthesis

I am the intelligence of connectedness ~ in the unseen realms, the framework for the seen world. 

I bow to the sacred architecture, to the flawless joining of this to that.

I sort the essential from the unessential; creating space for clear vision and inspired action to birth itself…

I initiate you in the sheer awe of the plan.

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I am the Feminine Portal of Compassion & Forgiveness

I am the softness that invites you in, no matter what is happening. I am the ability to rest in the heart in the quiet center; of the paradox, in the tension of opposites; in seemingly colliding energies…

I am the invitation to embrace, kiss and relinquish the wounds that hinder your ability to be present in the cathedral of your heart.

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I am the Feminine Portal of Not Diminishing My Light

I am the celebration of the raw beauty of the child who fell from the stars streaming her creativity from the center of her heart. I am the gentle peace and relaxation that comes from your authentic expression in all ways.

I call you out of hiding, I dissipate the fog of doubt.

I am the knowingness that you are eternally, perpetually in your seat, wherein there is no need to withhold the divine fruits of your communion, no matter what.

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I am the Feminine Portal of The Phases of Womanhood

I hold deep honor and reverence for your girl-child, your maiden, your mother, your elderwoman. Although you now chronologically reside and have been crowned as elderwoman, I celebrate all aspects of your womanhood, and keep them each alive and well nourished.

I ask you to take your seat in the sacred tapestry of the feminine; to delve with abandon into the initiation you find yourself in; to practice for the ancient circle of women who have come before you, and the future lineage of women to come.

I am the totality of womanhood; they all live in harmony within me, within you...

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written during maya sadhana immersion
sacred thread words & image © heather rhodes at studio petronella
model: jane