As I continue to work creatively with women who are stepping forward to define themselves and their offerings via branding & website design, I realize how paramount it is for them to be seen and held on a soul level through the process. This extra depth is an inherent part of what I offer my clients during the natural course of our work together in bringing their vision to fruition.

Sometimes when we dare to stretch the edges of our comfort, stepping into deeper levels of expressing ourselves authentically, patterns emerge that may call for additional attention. I offer extra, focused soulwork sessions for design clients who would like to dig a bit deeper, or work through a specific pattern that is blocking them from moving forward in our creative work together.

I also offer sessions for women who are not engaged in working with me creatively.  

The Mystery

There is great excitement and power in standing at the threshold of consciously deepening your awakening and presence. Soulwork sessions offer extra support and guidance as you explore the depths of your inner landscape and come home to a more fully embodied self.  I honor your heartfelt longing for deeper connection, deeper living, deeper love.

Welcome to the Mystery.  I look forward to supporting your inner work.


Begin now.  Enter where you are.

At the center of our being lies our Essence.  For many of us, this pure, essential self has been dimmed and clouded over by layers of energetic "knots" and unresolved life experiences. 

Soulwork sessions offer room for you to soften and release what binds you; to reclaim and integrate disowned fragments of yourself; to dive in and dig deep, creating space for more of your soul to come forward and shine.

That which we yearn for must first be cultivated within; herein lies the treasure of the paradox. The process of mining this treasure is invitation to unlimited expansion into new realms of presence, bringing us home to experience our inherent divine nature in all of its layered beauty. Here we find our innate capacity to delve into the darkness to bring forth the light.

The longing is the sweet song that rouses us, wakes us, calls us closer into the place of inner union.  

There is tender power in having someone witness you in your process; holding space as you navigate the thresholds of awakening. Many of our "blind spots" are revealed with the assistance of a trusted guide; these are the places where we may be repeating old patterns and feeling stuck, at an impasse. The previously bewildering quality of liminal space (the place between the old internal paradigm and the new) can be supported, and surrendered into. Each subsequent unearthing and shift in consciousness becomes a welcomed rite of passage, a sacred opening into a greater capacity to flow in the rivers of authentic, enlivened living.

•  Soften and Deepen into the capacity of your Feminine Heart
•  Allow your Essence to sing from the very Core of your Being
•  Uncover & Express your Dharma

As we dive deep, with a soft and steadfast heart, we discover that the Discomfort is the Medicine; the transformational opportunity.  A clearer inner conversation emerges as the awakening process unfolds, and a deeper voice can be accessed and referenced; a voice from the very center of the feminine being.

Often there is a tendency to seek the light and shun the darkness; further feeding the sense of fracture and imbalance. The rich darkness defines the subtlety, dimension and beauty of the light. This is the dance of awakening; we must travel to the very places we fear in order to reclaim that which has been lost, hidden, disowned. Soulwork sessions act as a series of keys, unlocking a set of gateways, holding space as the client gains increasing access to the truth of their innate inner spring of wisdom, innocence, radiance and sovereignty.

Embracing each step of the journey as resplendently perfect, in the raw and untamed form in which it comes forth, creates a climate of unlimited possibility: a deep, rich soil in which strong roots can form, and the seeds of growth can surrender and acquiesce; crack open, and push valiantly skyward.

Working With Heather

Heather is adept at creating and holding sacred space for soulwork. Heather is a feminine embodiment practitioner, and has been trained in transformational energy work and seraphim blueprint attunement. She has also had the deep honor of working with those experiencing their final transition, and finds herself at home in the landscape of the unseen architecture that informs our unfolding experience of living.

Additionally, Heather brings a radiant creativity. She is also a visual artist, graphic & web designer, photographer and writer, with a passion for celebrating the power and beauty of the feminine. Heather's creative connection allows another level of fluidity as she navigates the wondrous landscape of the human psyche. She remains humbled by her experience in the presence of this sacred work and fully honors the pace and unfolding of each client's sacrosanct inner journey. 

There is a natural cadence that reveals itself in the space of soulwork sessions, as the awakening soul begins to reveal and unwind the layers of the unessential.

The passage from hidden, to revelation, to integration is sublime and sacred.  

Our Muchness

"Our wholeness includes all of our fissures and fractures.  We must fall over and over again, with abandon, into states of grace; diving down to the bottom of the mucky riverbed and bringing up the gold...dying a million tiny deaths into wider, embodied living. 

You have a vast, divine center of inner knowing within you. I will hold space; as you navigate, reveal and transform what limits your access to this powerful source, so that you may live your life on purpose; from a place of integrated authenticity.

There is no contest, no finish line. The intention is to be as present as possible in the process, in our lives; embracing all of the facets of what it is to be fully human...opening wide our arms and hearts to the full depths of our grief, sorrow, longing, connection, creativity, joy, love and ecstasy. We are but travelers on the well worn path of embodying, in the words of the Mad Hatter, our "muchness"."  

I look forward to walking the winding path with you! 

~ Heather


I am not accepting new Soul Work clients presently. Please email me if you wish to be put on a waiting list

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